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The "Dobru" Hotel Complex is located on the eastern slope of the Eastern Carpathians, in the picturesque resort Slănic Moldova, at an altitude of 530 meters. The building is built in steps, on a steep rocky wall just along the Slănic stream.

Slănic is documented for the first time in 1755. Almost half a century later, in 1800, the cobbler Mihai Spiridon discovers here the first spring of mineral waters, during a bear hunt. In 1807, several springs are discovered which, in a short time, become an attraction for the Moldavian boyarism from the first half of the 19th century. The first bathing establishment in the town dates from 1827 and was used only by the boyars who came to the baths. Unfortunately, it no longer exists, being destroyed in the World War I.

The Dobru complex was built to serve as a protocol villa for the Ceausescu family. For this reason, special attention was paid to the structure and appearance of the building, which was enlarged and extended in 2007. Today, the hotel is impressive due to its monumental architecture and the complexity of its geometry, which makes it mold on the rock that it serves as its foundation and, at the same time, makes the facade visible from the inside. The view of the "Dobru" hotel is complemented by a wide opening towards the resort and the mountains around it.

The "Dobru" complex has 41 rooms with bathroom, TV, minibar and balcony, from which you can admire the surrounding landscape. Beside these, we have an elegant restaurant, with 120 seats, ideal for events; day bar; conference room with a capacity of 50 seats; Free video-monitored parking, and access to the "Teleconstrucția" recreation complex, which has a heated pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness room, table tennis, covered tennis court.

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