Balneary Sanatorium

"Slanic Moldova" Balneary Sanatorium is a sanitary unit of national public interest, subordinated to the Ministry of Health, offers medical recovery services, for adults and children, in hospital and outpatient, on the following pathology profiles:

  • breathing;
  • hepatobiliary tract;
  • renal;
  • chronic degenerative rheumatism;
  • circulatory.

The integrated ambulatory of Slanic Moldova Balneary Sanatorium offers specialized consultation in: BFT (balneophysiotherapy), internal medicine and pediatrics.

The Treatment Base of the Sanatorium offers various types of procedures, depending on the therapy recommended by the doctor:

  • PNEUMOTHERAPY: aerosols and inhalations with mineral waters;
  • MASOTHERAPY: manual therapeutic massage procedure;
  • ELECTROTHERAPY: ionizations, dyadic currents, ultrasound;
  • THERMOTHERAPY: applications with paraffin, ultraviolet, solux (infrared);
  • HYDROTHERAPY: bubble baths and galvanic baths.

Functional exploratory services: ECG, spirometry, echography.

Insured patients, on an ambulatory basis, have access to consultations and 4 procedures / day, over a period of 10 days.
Insured patients, hospitalized, in section with beds, have access to balneary care between minimum 10 days and maximum 21 days.
Uninsured patients have access to packages of balneary care in hospitalization regime of 5, 7, 10 days with charges.

Documents required for insured patients:

  • a typical reference ticket (in duplicate), from the family doctor or from the specialist doctor, for the clinical specialty balneophysiotherapy;
  • ID Card
  • proof of the quality of insured, with a receipt emitted by their locality CAS.

Operating program: non-stop

Contact details:
Slanic Moldova Balneary Sanatorium
Str.N. Balcescu no.7, Cod 605500,
Ors. Slanic Moldova, Jud. Bacau
Tel .: +40234.348.129

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